2022 or 2020 Too?

I’m sure you’ve all seen the latest meme taunting us that 2022 can also be perceived as 2020 too. As in, here we go again.

But I don’t want to head into a new year lamenting about the issues raised by the COVID virus and vaccinations. I think we’ve all spent far too much time talking about these topics, to the point it has divided friends and family.

Instead, I think it’s time to remember and celebrate some moments of 2021.

Marketing Jargon

Tired of Marketing Jargon?

Have you ever sat down with a Marketing professional only to realize you have no idea what the words are coming out of their mouth? Have you ever wondered why they can’t just say what they mean? What are those initialisms and acronyms? What’s worse, is every time you talk to them there’s some new phase or term they’re throwing out with great vigor and confidence.

Here’s a list of the top buzzwords of 2021 and what they really mean. In English.